Ways of Giving – The TEP Foundation

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, The TEP Foundation, Inc. may be eligible for corporate matches. Your generous contributions can go even further with a matching gift from your employer!

For example: If you contribute $1000 to the Foundation, the Foundation receives an additional $1000 from your company.
Please be aware that some companies require contributions to be made directly through them. To make it easier, below are some common steps that can be taken:​
  1. Find out from HR or Benefits how to get a charity approved. Explore if they will match contributions already made (vs. a contribution being made now).
  2. Ask about Matching Program Details, Matching Amount Percentage (%) or Ratio (1:1, 2:1: 3:1), Application Process, Required Information, and Types of Causes Sponsored, etc.
  3. Advise that we are a 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation. Most companies have exclusions for “Fraternal or social service organizations” as ineligible. The TEP Foundation, Inc. is a registered public charity; not a social fraternity!
  4. Request that the The TEP Foundation, Inc. be added to companies “Approved Charities” list. Some companies may ask follow up questions and/or require more information​. Please send us an email for additional assistance.
      1. Contact: Jason M. Berler, President
      2. EmailPresident@thetepfoundation.org
      3. Address: 770 Anderson Ave, #11K, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
      4. Tax ID: 13-6161286


The TEP Foundation, Inc. has established new “Giving Society’s.” These new societies will provide incentive and recognition to Tau Epsilon Phi Alumni depending on type of contribution. The new societies are as follows:

Charles Tobias Arts Society — Alumni or undergraduates who gifts a meaningful piece of Tau Epsilon Phi artwork, music, or history.


Max Nemser Alumni Society — Alumni who gifts a Bequest,Trust, Life Insurance Policy, Annuity, or other asset.


I. “Doc” Schwartz Founder’s Society — Alumni who gifts over $5,000 in a given calendar year.

The TEP Foundation was established, sustained, and grows based almost exclusively on generous donations from alumni, family, and friends. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship in the name of a specific alumni or family, or for a specific purpose, please contact Jason M. Berler, TEP Foundation President, at president@thetepfoundation.org.

To donate, please send a check made out to “The TEP Foundation, Inc.” to the following address:

The TEP Foundation, Inc.
770 Anderson Ave.
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

To make a donation via PayPal: