Alumni Associations

  • Any Alumnus of Tau Epsilon Phi who donates $50 or more in a calendar year to Tau Epsilon Phi is considered to be an alumnus member in good standing. (Life Members are also members in good standing.)

    Tau Epsilon Phi encourages alumni members to organize themselves into Alumni Clubs. Per the TEΦ Constitution, any group of ten or more members in good standing may petition the Grand Council for recognition as an official Alumni Club. Alumni Clubs may be organized around a specific chapter (active or inactive), or around another interest such as a City or Regional geographic area (e.g. “Chicago Area TEΦ Club”).

    Recognized Alumni Clubs are granted a charter by the Grand Council and receive a vote at Grand Chapter meetings. TEΦ will also provide each Alumni Club with a club email list to facilitate networking and to assist with our City Meet and Greet Events. Officers of recognized Alumni Clubs are also provided Directors & Officers liability insurance from the National Fraternity.

    Dues for the Alumni Club are $10 per member per year; at its discretion the Club may pay both member dues ($50, excluding life members) and the club dues ($10) on behalf of its members. Some Alumni Clubs may find this more convenient than having individual members submit alumni dues.

    To form an Alumni Club, please submit your roster of 10 members in good standing to the Grand Council along with the appropriate payment.

    For postal mail submissions, send the club’s name, your contact info, member roster and payment to:

    1329 W 96th Street, Suite 120C
    Indianapolis, IN 46260

    For electronic submissions, use the form below.
  • Examples: "Alpha Chapter of TEP Alumni Association", "TEP Association of Texas"
  • Optional. Leave blank if association is from a geographic region.
  • Enter the names of ten or more TEP alumni, separated by blank lines. Please note any life members. If your members have not already paid alumni dues this year, you can pay them using the fields below.
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    Enter the number of alumni dues submitted with this application. (Do not count members who have already paid dues for this year, or life members.)
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    Enter the number of alumni in the association submitted with this application. (Do not count members who have already paid dues for this year, or life members)

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