Chapter Builder 2.0 is a solution to the confusing recruitment excel sheets your recruitment chair may still be using! This is an easy to understand and adapt management information system that allows your executive board to monitor your recruitment chairs and get the individual activity you want from the general membership. Start an account for free, use features such as lead generation form links, a full comprehensive lead generation sheet with custom fields for any need and an activity feed to monitor all actions.

This is accessible to every chapter and recruitment chair, as stated before, it is free to use all of the basic functions that you need. However, if you find your recruitment chair overwhelmed by texting each potential new member or trying to call each number split up between his committee then you may want to budget for this. There is a paid version of Chapter Builder 2.0 that will solve this exact issue. Text each potential new member as one bulk message that hits each number individually, your potential new members become comfortable feeling one on one with your recruiters and you can reply as such when they get back to you!

Check out the following link to start your account today and bring yourself into the next technological advantage for recruitment:

Chapter Builder 2.0

Recruitment chair education can come from the university, attending national conclaves or meetings with advisors. Sometimes it’s hard to monitor that progress or know what the programming fully entails to feel comfortable with your recruitment chairs education.

This is your nationals solution to put the tools in your hands virtually, in a way that lets your executive board monitor the progress and share this experience with every member of your chapter. Each member of your chapter has access to the Phired Up digital classroom, an all encompassing educational program that has the materials to engage your membership to have a recruitment mindset 24/7 | 365.

Click on the following link or share this with your chapter members to take this short course on improving your day to day recruitment efforts:

TEP’s Digital Classroom

Social media advertising can greatly improve the presence of your chapter on campus. Using organic and or inorganic posting can not only grow your engagement but promote chapter activities on campus. Please reach out to your staff member for additional assistance in education or on how to improve your presence in a one-on-one setting. If you are in need of branding or marketing assets, visit the branding section of our website which can be found here:

TEP’s Branding Page