Mission Statement

TO TEACH young men that there is more to be gained out of life by serving others. That friendships are of greater value than material wealth or gain. That man is a social creature who needs to share with others to do so willingly and freely. That a group is dependent on all of its members to contribute to the good of the whole rather than to work only for self-serving interests. This is the ambition of Tau Epsilon Phi.

TO PROVIDE the forum through fraternity for our ambitions to be heard and practiced. For the atmosphere where cooperation and giving can develop and flourish. For a meeting place to share ideals and from which these dreams may be a springboard into reality. For a common voice through the fraternity that others may know our accomplishments and our aspiration for the benefit of all men. This is the basis of Tau Epsilon Phi.

TO GIVE to others without selfish thought of gain or personal advancement. To our brothers knowing that others that follow will be the ones to reap the benefits of the seeds we sow more than we will. To our friends so that they may always know in their hearts and minds that they have someone upon whom they may depend in time of need. To our neighbors so that the community of man may be a little better for our having been there. This is the directive of Tau Epsilon Phi.

TO CREATE a better society where men have learned to value others as they value themselves. An opportunity for young men to learn the message of Tau Epsilon Phi and, having learned it, to teach others. An organization that can and will be proud of the accomplishments of its members and itself without the arrogance that pride often brings. A hope for a better social community of man and to work to bring its hopes to reality. This is the goal of Tau Epsilon Phi.

TO HAVE a membership who respect one another and the organization for which they all stand. An organization that is not afraid to speak its mind but, at the same time, is willing to understand the needs and dreams of others. Members who practice the ideals of fraternalism and live by the creed of Tau Epsilon Phi as a matter of course because they believe in its values. Friends, neighbors and associates with whom a trust and understanding that needs no words exists. This is the mission of Tau Epsilon Phi.