Scholarship Opportunities

Goingmerry and Cappex are two industry leaders in connecting students to scholarships tailored to the user’s individuality. Both platforms provide an easy to use interface and a free sign up for students to take their shot at further academic aid. Both websites are similar in use in asking the user questions to gauge who they are; once a basic account outline is made and the introduction questions are answered you will be on your way to the application process. Your account will be paired with the best scholarships individualized to your account and major. Date due, amount of the scholarship, where the scholarship comes from and even how long it will take you to apply are only some of the functions they provide. You will find the ability to like and create a portfolio of scholarships to apply to right away and for the future. Please take the time to look through these resources as numerous scholarships go unclaimed or have a low number of applicants every year. There is financial aid just waiting for you to take advantage of so spend some time and look at the links and images below to see each service further.

Going Merry