Consuls of ΤΕΦ

The leadership of the National Fraternity has included Brothers from many different backgrounds and fraternal experiences. The men who have served as International Consul, have worked with selfless dedication, often for years, to mentor our Brothers and lead our Fraternity. They are talented, motivated and dedicated individuals. Each has offered their personal time and financial sacrifice for the Good of ΤΕΦ. Their commitment to our principles of Friendship, Chivalry and Service goes above and beyond. It is with great honor that we recognize those who have served in the highest office this fraternity can bestow upon you, that of the Consul’s chair.

Year(s) Name Chapter University
1917Monroe H. Weil *AlphaColumbia
1918Benjamin Pologe *DeltaCornell
1918Louis H. Radin *EpsilonFordham
1919Robert Mantler *BetaNY Dental College
1920Michael C.C. Lilienfeld *Gamma-ZetaNYU
1921Simon Kay *GammaNYU
1922Irving M. Kopelman *BetaNY Dental College
1923-1924Harry L. Kreeger *GammaNYU
1925Irving E. Altman *DeltaCornell
1926-1927Joseph "Tim" Bower *LambdaHarvard
1928-1929Frederic R. Mann *RhoU Penn
1930Julius M. Breitenbach *AlphaColumbia
1931-1932Julius M. Breitenbach *AlphaColumbia
1933-1934Arthur Pite *IotaYale
1935-1936Julius M. Breitenbach *AlphaColumbia
1937-1938Israel "Doc" Schwartz *AlphaColumbia
1939-1940Joseph "Tim" Bower *LambdaHarvard
1941-1945Louis Lebenthal *GammaNYU
1946-1947A. Harold Frost *RhoU Penn
1948-1949Frederic R. Mann *RhoU Penn
1950-1951Joseph Ginburg *GammaNYU
1952-1953Samuel L. Fein *GammaNYU
1954-1955Sol D. Shaman *Tau DeltaOhio State
1956-1957Isadore Heiman *NuU Georgia
1958-1959Haskel "Hutch" Ostroff *ThetaBoston
1960-1961Louis L. Manes *Tau DeltaOhio State
1962-1963Joe H. Gerson *NuU Georgia
1964-1965E.J. "Mutt" Evans *OmegaNorth Carolina
1966-1967Mendel Romm Jr. *NuU Georgia
1968-1971Erwin E. Cooper *Tau ZetaMaine
1972-1973Sanders D. Heller *Tau DeltaOhio State
1974-1975Benjamin Ungerman *SigmaSyracuse
1976-1977Harris Jacobs *NuU Georgia
1978-1979S. Earl Gordon *Tau DeltaOhio State
1980-1981Seymour Weisberg *Tau LambdaPurdue
1981-1983Alfred C. VersacciEpsilon MuHunter
1983-1985Albert "Bud" SchiffOmegaNorth Carolina
1985-1989Gerald A. DenmarkPhi LambdaLIU
1989-1991Stuart L. BlumbergTau AlphaU Florida
1991-1993Leo M. GordonOmegaNorth Carolina
1993-1995David C. SteinbergEpsilon EtaDrexel
1995-2007George HasenbergSigma EpsilonRutgers - Camden
2007-2008Timothy A. SmithEpsilon IotaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2008A. Scott LakernickSigma EpsilonRutgers - Camden
2008-2011Glenn S. LinderEpsilon PsiAmerican International
2011-2016Lane B. KoplonNuU Georgia
2016-2018Timothy A. SmithEpsilon IotaRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2018-2020Kirill ReznikBeta DeltaFlorida International University
2020-2022Mark AbramsonEpsilon KappaTulane University
2022-2024Donald J. Anspauch, Jr.Epsilon PhiPenn State University

* = Chapter Eternal