Historical Composites

Our composites are a critical part of our history and without them numerous members may not have had an opportunity to connect with us at National. They are a flashback to great memories and even greater accomplishments. Tau Epsilon Phi is announcing our historical composite initiative to make our history more accessible to all our members and to keep digital records of these treasures for our next 100 years and more! We are looking for anyone with composites that can be digitized to share those with our staff members so we can have these treasures on hand. Please email our Chapter Services Consultant, Nicholas Dondiego (nick@tep.org) a digital copy of any composites you may have or with any information on how to locate lost composites. It will take us some time to get every chapter and every year!

This page contains historical composites from many of our current and former chapters from around the country. Members are encouraged to visit often to see if additional composites have been added.

Here is a list of chapters where historical composites are now available: