Phi Upsilon – State University of New York at Buffalo

I am excited to say that our fraternity has been growing exponentially and we’re continuing to serve our local community here in Buffalo, NY. Although Covid-19 made things more difficult, our brothers came together to break down barriers and make this year the best it could be. As a fraternity, we were able to have barbeques, enjoy outdoor sporting events, and bond with each other further to ensure we were the best fraternity we could be. Not only did we grow as a fraternity by adding 12 new brothers to our family, but we also grew in the classroom. Covid-19 prevented brothers from accessing the library and we needed a way to be able to study and learn together. Therefore, we started an online library tool through Discord which allows brothers to learn, communicate, and teach each other virtually on various topics of academia. We plan on growing this platform into an everyday learning center exclusively for brothers in the Phi Upsilon Chapter. As we continue to grow, we always make sure to give back to the neighborhood we live in by raising money and cleaning up the area. This year, our chapter was able to organize canned food drives, a clothing drive, and hosted neighborhood cleanups which we plan on doing again this upcoming year. On behalf of all of the brothers of the Phi Upsilon Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi, we look forward to bonding further as a fraternity and giving back to the community we live in to be the best chapter we can be.

At this time, our Phi Upsilon chapter is not associated with the University at Buffalo Inter Fraternity Council (IFC.) Our Phi Upsilon chapter has joined the Independent Buffalo IFC which is not associated with the university, but is made up of independent chapters affiliated with other national fraternities . If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the national office at

Chapter Officers:

Chancellor – Mike Tortorello

Vice-Chancellor – Lukas Goerlitz

Bursar – Pat Unger

Scribe – Michael Spiegal

Recruitment Chair – Noah Daniels

Instagram – @tepbuffalo