TEP Foundation Awards and Scholarships

Since 1964, over 30 different awards and scholarships have been established by The TEP Foundation, Inc. either from the generous contributions of alumni, friends, and families, or by direct funding from Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity.

At this time, not all awards and scholarships are funded, and not all awards and scholarships are awarded every year.

The following awards are given either during convention years or during “non-convention years.” Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity has a national convention every two years, currently during the even years. During the odd years, the national fraternity holds educational and leadership training.

Awards and Scholarships

The Al Versacci Leadership Award ($1000) Awarded to the undergraduate who best exemplifies and embodies the life legacy of Al Versacci, past Consul of Tau Epsilon Phi (1981-1983) and past president of The TEP Foundation, Inc (1983-1989). Eligible candidates must display spectacular service to his Chapter, outstanding leadership skills, strong sense of integrity, tremendous resiliency, acts as a mentor, makes a meaningful change, and has tangible results for his efforts. Awarded biennially during off-year from National Convention.

I. “DOC” Schwartz Memorial Undergraduate of the Year Award ($500) — Awarded to the undergraduate who has extraordinarily distinguished himself in scholarship, extracurricular activities and fraternity service. Candidates must embody the legacy of our first Founding Brother, Israel “Doc” Schwartz (Alpha #1). This is only awarded biennially during convention year. 

Stanley Schachter Scholarship ($300) Awarded to a TEP brother who best exemplifies the ideals of the Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi – Friendship, Chivalry, Service. Eligible candidates must be nominated by their Chapter. This is awarded biennially during Convention year. 

Upper Classman Award & Scholarship ($250) — Awarded to the undergraduate who has distinguished himself in his Chapter. Eligible candidates must be an “Upper Classman.” Only those in their Junior or Senior Year may apply. This is awarded during Convention year.

Lower Classman Award & Scholarship ($150) — Awarded to the undergraduate who has distinguished himself in his Chapter. Eligible candidates must be “Lower Classman.” Only those in their Sophomore or Freshman years may apply. This is awarded during Convention year.


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