Alpha Phi – Rutgers New Brunswick

The Alpha Phi chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi is a proud and diverse group of men refounded as a colony in 2014 and officially chartered in 2018. We, the men of Alpha Phi, strictly adhere to our three core tenets of friendship, chivalry, and service. As a smaller group, usually ranging between 15-25 brothers, we’ve always valued the bonds between one another more than anything else. Despite coming from all different backgrounds, cultures, and majors, our group prides itself with our own identity and camaraderie amongst members. Unlike some organizations where members may not know much about each other due to sheer size, we foster an environment that comes to feel like a family more than just a Greek organization. With this as our bedrock, our commitment to chivalry and service fit right in. Proudly supporting our local community of New Brunswick through the philanthropy “Service to the People” where we often collect supplies and clothing for local homeless shelters as well as serving out food on the weekends. We also participate in the university sponsored “Dance Marathon” which raises money for the Embrace the Kids foundation as well as contributing to “Our Military Kids” which supports the families and dependents of service members who are killed or missing in action. At the end of the day, what we value the most is the individual. Working together amongst each other, serving our philanthropies, enjoying formal and semi-formal events, playing intramural sports, or just crowding around a TV with some food and laughing together, the Alpha Phi chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi is a place where brotherhood thrives.

Chancellor – Noah Edwards

Vice-Chancellor – Nate Olson

Bursar – Evan Maggio

Scribe – Wasif Rashid

Recruitment Chairman – Jayshar Banks

Instagram – @ru.tep

Twitter – @TEP_RU

Facebook – @TEPhiRU

Chapter website –