The Ohio State University

Tau Epsilon Phi is excited to announce our return to The Ohio State University in the fall of 2022. 47 Brothers were initiated into the re-founding fathers class.  The TΔ chapter is home to a great number of our alumni who are excited about our return to campus and welcoming new men into our brotherhood.

We hope you join the re-founding fathers’ as part of the spring 2023 class and jump at the opportunity to build a legacy that grows beyond your undergraduate years. We are a Brotherhood that will be with you, far after your college days. Become connected with an already established, tight-knit alumni base that will assist in the growth of your chapter and development of your leadership skills.

Chancellor – Ethan Develvis

Vice-Chancellor for Internal Affairs – Josh Decicco

Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs – Ethan Schweitzman

Bursar – Adam Kling

Scribe – Tyler Mandelkorn

Recruitment Chair – Gavi Steinman

Recruitment Chair – Nicholas Baldi

Recruitment Chair – Zach Veneck

Instagram – @tepohiostate

Chapter House – 1935 Indianola Ave Columbus, OH 43201