Dr. Lawrence Goodstein, Member-at-Large

Dr. Lawrence Goodstein pledged Tau Epsilon Phi in 1974 during his time at Brooklyn College he was very active in the fraternity. He served as pledge educator, vice chancellor, and alumni advisor. When he attended Adelphi University he helped establish a chapter there in the 1980’s.

Dr. Lawrence Goodstein attended Brooklyn College and Adelphi University as an undergraduate. He then worked for the New York City Department of education. He went on to New York chiropractic College for a degree in chiropractic medicine. Upon graduation he practiced in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Dr. Goodstein lectured at many colleges and universities. While in private practice the tragedy of 9/11 occurred in New York City and Dr. Goodstein left practice and volunteered his time to work at Ground Zero offering chiropractic services to the rescue and recovery workers.

Dr. Lawrence Goodstein has served on many boards and has been an adviser too many companies on healthcare issues and and injury prevention. Dr. Goodstein has advised local uniform services on proper biomechanics to prevent injury.

Dr. Lawrence Goodstein has authored a book on chiropractic care and in his spare time spends it with his family and friends playing cards and reading books. He also was an avid equestrian in his younger years. As a community service project he played Santa Claus for the toys for tots program that was cosponsored by the Marine Corps and the Massachusetts State police.